Egypt Japan Steel Works Company

Egypt Japan Steel Works (EJSW) was established in 1985 and started production in 1988 as an industrial facility for producing steel forged spare parts and components (up to 3 tons/piece) for industrial machines and equipment for various industrial sectors.

EJSW has successfully built a very powerful client base and market reputation in various sectors including petroleum, chemical and petrochemical, cement, building materials, mining, steel and metal making and forming, and engineering Industries.

EJSW is now on a 10-year strategic plan to reach ambitious sales, profit and share price targets by the year 2017 through applying various progressive measures and policies; including increasing, expanding and improving the company value, turnover growth, shareholders rights, assets, production capacities, industrial production, trading and services, sales activities in high growth sectors, marketing activities and research, production mix, developing standard products, research and development, training, human resources policies and systems, sophisticated information systems, and, applying international standards and systems to promote growth.

The Complete System from Cutting, Forging, to Machining
Our cutting and forging shops, machine shop, testing laboratory, offices and annex building occupy 2050 m² on premises of 11500 m². From material to final inspection, the entire production process is performed in one smooth flow by using modern equipments resulting in improved quality, lower prices, and on time delivery.

Main Equipments :

Cutting : Band saws: ca pacity up to 700 mm di ameter. Hack saws: capacity up to 350 mm dj ameter. Eye tracing machine capacity up to 200mm thickness.
Forging and Heat Treatment:
  • Hydraulic forging presses: up to 1.000 ton capacity.
  • Hammers: up to 2 ton capacity.
  • Heating furnaces: with various capacities up to 1.900x 2.700×2.400 mm.
  • Manipulators: with various capacities up up to 15 ton
  • Billet clamps.
  • Heat treatment equipments.
  • Mchining:
  • Lathes
  • Shaping machines.
  • Milling machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Surface grinding.
  • Gear lightening machine.
  • Cladding by welding
  • Univrsal testing machine 30 tons capacity.
  • Charpy impact tester.
  • BrineLL Devices tester.
  • Metallugraphical Laboratory.
  • Magnetic flaw detector.
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector.
  • dye penetrat